SW continues to expand its global footprint in Asia and Europe

SW further expands the geographic presence of its business profile in both Asia and Europe, with the addition of four member firms in India, Thailand, Taiwan and Germany. This marks a crucial step for SW in accelerating growth in the global market and positioning itself as one of the world’s leading professional firms specializing in audit, tax and advisory services. Through our continuous expansion and global strategic plan, SW now has an extensive international network in around 80 cities and around 8,000 professionals.

Mr. Zhang Ke, Chairman of SW International, commented on SW expansion:

“I’m extremely delighted to welcome four new professional member firms in India, Thailand, Taiwan and Germany. The addition of these new member firms shows SW commitment in bolstering our business capabilities both regionally and internationally, allowing us to better serve our clients of diversified needs in a globally connected world.”

He added, “It has been proved that Asia emerging markets present thriving business opportunities for all investors. Therefore, entering these emerging markets in India, Thailand and Taiwan has indeed put us in a conducive environment for navigating business cooperation and building bridges in Asia-Pacific region.”

“Having a new member firm in Germany further reinforces SW position in Central and Western Europe, which laid a solid foundation for the future expansion of our market coverage in Europe,” mentioned Mr. Zhang.

Mr. Kunal Mehra, Practice Leader of SW India, said:

“SW rich experience and proven track record in professional services will be utterly favorable to clients who are looking to expand and grow in India. We are excited to represent the network in India and this move would enable us to integrate resources and grow our business from strength to strength.”

SW India is ranked as top 25 emerging professional firms in India. The firm has offices spread across major cities in India, possessing a strong blend of various services.

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Teetatch Sinthuvalee, Managing Partner of SW Thailand, commented:

“Our service-oriented approach is well in line with SW strategy to be one of the top professional service providers in Asia. Against the backdrop of Thailand’s fast-growing and robust economy, we have great confidence in our future performance and business growth by joining SW international network!”

SW Thailand, headquartered in Bangkok, has other offices in Phuket and Khonkaen. The firm is devoted to serve the dynamic needs of a broad range of clients with its considerable experience, linking up Chinese, Thai and global businesses and capturing the opportunities of Belt and Road Initiative.

Alex Kuo, Managing Partner of SW Taiwan, mentioned:

“We are really proud to be part of the SW network. We do look forward to working with other members of SW so as to extend our service offerings to the global businesses and augmentthe expertise available to our clients.”

SW Taiwan is one of the leading emerging professional firms in Taiwan, which provides a wide spectrum of services to assist clients in meeting their cross-border commercial objectives with a team of over 100 professional staff and experts. The firm has offices established in 4 cities namely Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung and Hsinchu, to respond to the needs of domestic and foreign business.

Matthias Schenkel, Managing Partner of DORNBACH, said:

“We are now in a position to give our clients excellent support in Asia markets, while at the same time maintaining our legal and economic independence. SW is an extremely large network in the Asia-Pacific region, opening up opportunities for our clients which no other player is currently able to offer. Yet we will also remain faithful to the roots of our 60-year-old corporate history, and we will continue to be absolutely reliable partners to medium-sized businesses and public institutions.”

DORNBACH is a one-stop service provider specializing in professional services. It has 18 offices throughout Germany and a workforce of over 450. The German firm is ranked among the 15 leading accountancy firms and among the top 10 Germany’s owner-managed professional companies.

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