Our values serve as the basis of our global corporate culture.
The values describe how we practice in the world and guide the way
we work with our stakeholders.

Our Strengths

Based on our Chinese origin and with our extensive network in the Asia-Pacific region, SW network is becoming a rising star from the accountancy and consultancy field in the world.
In today’s international economic climate, China is the second-largest economy and Asia continues to be the most dynamic economic region. With outstanding international expertise and deep knowledge of the local laws and custom, each member firm of the SW network is well-positioned to serve international clients who are interested to penetrate the most vibrant Asian business arena, and help those Chinese enterprises who are thrilled to go global.
SW is growing progressively, in terms of staffing and locations. Apart from Asia-Pacific, we plan to extend our reach to other parts of the globe, especially in areas such as Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East and Latino America.
We are enthusiastic to share expertise and knowledge, we provide adequate technology and useful resources to help organizations do business in the competitive and dynamic business world.

Our Values

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    We adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct, with trust as the foundation of our business. Meanwhile, we strive to maintain a good balance between business growth and social responsibilities.

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    We pursue dreams and work for excellence. We persistently adopt the right path with truthfulness for open and transparent business and continue to explore the sustainable development of the industry.

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    We act independently and objectively to ensure impartial result. We emphasize fairness throughout our work processes.

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    We are dedicated to creating a harmonious environment in which all individuals could work together for better growth.We love to listen and provide mutual support.