Process, Risk and Advisory Services

SW India recognises the primary objective of conducting internal audits is to provide the audit committee, senior management, head of operations, process owners, etc. of your organization with a comprehensive and unbiased analysis of the corporate governance processes, risks and functional efficiency of your business and to suggest areas for improvement and value-addition.

Our expertise and knowledge ensure we remain at the forefront of implementing new approaches to managing risk. We believe in delivering internal audit and risk advisory services at the highest levels of professional competency and integrity to the clients. Our endeavour is to help you addressing your key business concerns, helping you comply with regulatory norms and enhancing overall effectiveness of corporate governance and reporting requirements, boosting your operational efficiencies to achieving your strategic business goals

To confidently approach the future, businesses also need to be aware of the risks they’re facing and implement strategies for the long-term rather than just focusing on the day to day. SW India’s risk management advisors can work with you to identify and mitigate immediate risks, but can also work with you to conduct in-depth reviews of operational and business risks, leading to a clearer picture of where the company needs to focus to reach its strategic objectives.

  • Internal Audit
  • Risk Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Management Audit
  • Manual & Standard Operating Procedures
  • Sarbans Oxley (SOX)
  • JSOX
  • Cost & Efficiency Management
  • Performance Management
  • Internal Financial Controls (IFCs)
  • Preparation of Risk & Control Matrix along with Risk Register
  • Process Automation
  • Financial Statement preparation
  • Accounting Policy and Technical Advice