Connecting you to India Electricity & Transmission opportunities

The electricity industry in India has evolved significantly to provide a wide range of opportunities across the value chain, in both, the regulated as well as deregulated businesses. Our market is the world’s fifth largest in terms of generation capacity and the third largest in terms of network. The growing demand, network extension and upgradation, reduction in energy intensity, unbundling of supply services and growth of cross-border trade present various opportunities for this industry. However, a number of challenges remain, such as of fuel supply, counter-party risk posed by distribution companies, monopoly restrictions on open access and the availability of project finance.

We have been active advisors to the Electricity & Transmission industry and associated with many landmark developments over this time. The power sector advisory team has specialized staff bringing a rich life-cycle experience to our clients planning, developing or scaling their electricity business in India.

SW India can help you meet the coming changes and resulting challenges. We help you Master Transformation with ease.