Delinking of Debit/Credit Note from Original Invoice Reported in GSTR-1/6 or Refund Filing

Much Awaited relief to the taxpayer!!

The taxpayers have now been provided with a facility to:

  • Report single debit/credit note against multiple tax invoices by selecting note type, supply type like regular, SEZ, deemed exports etc. and most importantly indicating POS to identify the supply type i.e. Intra or Inter-state.
  • If debit/credit note is issued for difference in the tax rate only, then note value and taxable value can be reported as “Zero” and required reporting of tax amount of note can be declared.
  • Similar changes have been made for amendment while reporting amendments to credit or debit note.

Changing in refund module

  • While applying refund, taxpayers can now report debit/credit notes in statement filed without mentioning the related invoice number. The taxpayer would be required to select the type of document from drop down comprising of Debit note/credit note/invoice.

For refund, changes have been provided for below mentioned cases only:

  • Refund for export of services with payment of tax;
  • Refund of ITC for export of goods/services made without payment of tax;
  • Refund on account of goods/services supplied to SEZ with or without payment of tax:
  • Refund on account of inverted duty structure.

Source:  GSTN Portal

-Tanvi Sharma, Associate, ShineWing India