Connecting you to India Consumer Durable opportunities

India is witnessing an exponential rise in digital literacy. Today, consumers are far more informed, research-driven and demanding. Consumer markets are changing dynamically in the face of continuous disruption. As key drivers transform, pressing scenarios present new opportunities, and challenge the norms.

SW India effectively leverage our vast repertoire of skill sets and expertise, our global network and frameworks and methodologies to deliver differentiated offerings and outcomes. Our advisory services leverage our deep knowledge in consumer markets and our methodologies to manage complex strategic issues such as Mergers and Acquisitions, market entry strategies, new regulatory requirements, people management and growth strategies. Our tax services support your consumer-centric business in planning, compliance and reporting of taxes across the spectrum, and our dedicated professionals utilize latest tools and methodologies with their agile perspective to provide constructive inputs.
SW India has helped consumer markets companies globally successfully reinvent their strategies. Many of our most unique offerings are designed to improve customer-centricity, including – Customer and digital transformation, Data analytics and security, Supply chain management, Growth and new business models.

We are here to enable you to leverage new growth opportunities, enhance your value proposition and help your consumer business to achieve sustained profitability and growth.